More forum Sections - A new, well needed setup.


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    More forum Sections - A new, well needed setup. Empty More forum Sections - A new, well needed setup.

    Post  WhyHiThere on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:06 am

    Bold faced fonts our the main section (Like how News/Announcements and General Talk are inside the main General thing). Also, everything is in order on how I believe it should be done. Just so everyone knows i've made loads of forums myself. Smile
    New sections that I created will have a description next to them.

    News/Annoucements - Section where only Mods+ can post so it is really official like news/announcements lol
    Minecraft Registration
    Ban Appeal

    General Talk - Anything Minecraftia Related posted here
    Off Topic - Anything posted here Smile
    Forum Games - Who doesn't want to play a good 'ol game of who has the best signature?
    Youtube - Got some youtube videos of Minecraftia? Share them with the community!

    Plugin Help
    Grief Feedback - Straight forward enough amiright?
    Player Report - Saw a player griefing? Advertising? Post here with a screenshot.
    Feedback - Like the server? Hate it? Tell us what you liked or what we can improve on!

    -WorldOfWarcraft section should be removed as the server isn't up anymore.

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