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    My Mod Application | WhyHiThere


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    My Mod Application | WhyHiThere Empty My Mod Application | WhyHiThere

    Post  WhyHiThere Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:38 am

    General Info
    Ign: WhyHiThere
    Age: 14
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    Why I want to be a Mod
    I've always liked helping out communities of people in games. And I really enjoy it. I would love to help out this server, and new players actually become a member, as it seems, sadly, that lots of people have an issue of becoming a member. I'm planning to make a video on how to do so, so hopefully the not so brightest of them all can even figure it out. Also, I love this server, I used to play on a Flyff private server for 2 years, never donated once. First week, of yours, BAMN, donated. Cheers to you Srh420, your doing an amazing job.

    My Experience
    I've been doing this for a looong time. Not so much for minecraft, but for Flyff. I was their Website Developer, In-Game Map Maker, a GameMaster, and much more. I did all those jobs with perfection. I could handle all of it. I believe I can handle being a mob easily, and i'll really enjoy the job. Smile I could tell you every Flyff gamemaster code by heart, and there's a couple hundred of them. I'm pretty sure i'll be able to master Minecraftia's too.

    Lets make Minecraftia the best Minecraft server out there. Something, I believe, we can achieve.

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    My Mod Application | WhyHiThere Empty Re: My Mod Application | WhyHiThere

    Post  adamtheking Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:59 am

    that brought a tear to my eye Sad tongue

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