Banned ????



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    Banned ????

    Post  Rockeru on Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:31 am

    1. Rockeru
    2. Tell us what you did wrong (if you know) : I just opened minecraft joined server and it said You are banned from this server! : Reason : Greif???? What the...? Lol.... all day i was trying to build a trap for Mobs.and ive died many times because of cactus trap... and its hard for me to go back to home.. is so far and of course other players gonna say ive greif or something like that... but i just walk and walk till ive arrived home..... if u unban me ill show u!A trap with cactus... the idea is very awesome Razz is for thieves Razz,,, my house is not protected...
    3. Try and persuade us to let you back in : Like how i said at "2"... ive tried all day to make a trap for mobs... and by the way,,, i was killed by an idiot.... and now i have just half of my items Sad(....LukeKenda... or idk his name... Something with Luke... the bad thing is ...i had 35-37 Gold Ores... 24 iron ores... and just 2 diamonds... but ive lost them Sad((((
    4. Wait for a mod or admin to decide whether you're allowed back into the server! : If u trust me or not... i know i said the truth....

    Please unban... i want to play !!!! I dont like other servers!!Sad( this is the only one server that I love Sad

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