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    User Commands

    Post  GART6025 on Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:20 am

    Hello. I was just wondering what the commands available to normal builders were. If there is a post or a video of them please direct me to it. If not can someone post them. Also, is a single diamond usable to mark/lock objects? Thanks.

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    Re: User Commands

    Post  Srh420 on Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:52 am

    Members can use: /lwc /lvt /list /spawn /warp /ma join /home

    those are just root commands.


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    Re: User Commands

    Post  UnknownMage on Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:00 pm

    Commands for Server Members
    /list - Brings up a list of currently online players on the server.

    /ma join (arena name) - This command lets you join in the arena battle that we have. In the arena you get to fight monsters with other people. Make sure to have your Inventory cleared/empty.

    /ma spectate (arena name) - This lets you see the people fighting in the arena. For me there is a bug and it doesn't take me to the arena. You also need your inventory cleared/empty.

    /ma arenas - This gives you a list of the arenas that you can go to. Ignore default arena as I have no idea what that one is.

    /warp (location) - This takes you to certain warps that the Server Staff have set up. Go to Spawn to see a list of locations you can go to.

    /home help - This brings up a list of commands concerning your house.

    /home set - This sets your current location as your home

    /home - This takes you to your home when you type it.

    /home (Person's Name) - This is case sensitive. You get to go to someone's house if you type this. Note: Most homes are private so you won't be able to go there unless you are invited.

    /home private or public- Makes your home private, so no one can come to it unless invited. Makes your home public. I am not sure if people can come to your house freely, as I have not tried it.

    /home invite or uninvite (Person's Name) - This is Case Sensitive. Invites a person to come to your house at any time. Uninvites a person from coming to your house.

    /home list or ilist - It brings up a list of houses you are invited to. The second command brings up a list of people invited to your house.

    /spawn - Takes you to the spawn location.

    /pet - Teleports your pet to you. Note: In order to have a pet, go to any animal or mob and right click them with a flint, NOT flint and steel. Right clicking a pet makes them switch from following you to not following you. You can also ride any pet with a saddle.

    /lvt help - Brings up all the commands and info about this.

    /lvt start or start night - Starts a vote on whether it should turn to day or night.

    /lvt yes or no - When voting is in process you can vote yes or no with this.

    /cprivate - Locks any chests by right clicking them. No one else can open the chest unless given permission by the owner. Note: Currently locked chests cannot be locked by another person besides the owner.

    /cmodify @(Person's Name or Group) - Gives the person or group permission to use a locked chest.

    /cmodify -(Person's Name or Group) - Removes the person or group from using a locked chest. The owner of the locked chest cannot be removed from having permission of using the locked chest.

    Other /lwc commands I do not know about since I am currently going by what is in my head. Will post later and edit when I have more time.

    Anyways, I hope this helps to all members of the server.

    The parentheses and the word "or" in the above commands are not needed to activate the command. The words in parentheses need to be replaced by what is in there.
    Ex: (Player's Name) needs to be replaced with a Player's Name.

    The word or is not necessary as it is just used to seperate two similar but different commands.
    Ex: /lvt yes or no is just two commands that are suppose to be typed like this.
    /lvt yes
    /lvt no


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    Re: User Commands

    Post  GART6025 on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:33 pm

    Thank you Srh420 and UnknownMage for the prompt replies.

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    Re: User Commands

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