FuzzyEarz's Ban Appeal



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    FuzzyEarz's Ban Appeal

    Post  FuzzyEarz on Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:36 pm

    I recently started playing this server and made my home in a little secluded area then I went into town to buy some stuff from the Trishop. I bought some gunpowder to complete the ritual thing to become a vampire. So I was walking around peoples houses and looking up. Then I started lagging and D/C. I tried to reconnect and play but it said I was banned. I don't even know why. The reason is undefined. I am banned until September 27! I can't wait that long! Uber3pic said to my brother that I was banned for hacking which makes no sense since I don't even hack. o.o
    PS I went to the proof of ban section and there was no proof for ban for me.

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