Were you banned?



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    Were you banned?

    Post  UnknownMage on Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:13 pm

    Here are some tips that might be able to help and I would recommend. I do not promise that it will get you unbanned, but they might be able to help. If you are still here, wanting to get unbanned, here are my tips.

    Things to post:
    1. Your IGN (Ingame Name)
    2. The reason it says you were banned. Does it say griefing, spam messaging, placing blocks in unwanted places, item hacking, stealing, or something else?

    Questions you should answer:
    1. What was the last thing you did?
    2. When was the last day you were on?
    3. Where you breaking blocks of someone else's house that you had permission for but did not tell the Mods/Admin/Owner? If you did then say who it was and I am sure they will be able to clear your ban.
    4. Where you destroying an "abandoned" house? Only people able to do that are Mods/Admin/Owner. Unless you get permission from one of them.

    Now try to be patient. A Mod/Admin/Owner will come when they have time. They are not machines, they are human beings that sleep and eat and do their business.

    You might have some problems if this is not your first time being banned.

    Good luck, I hope you all have fun and try not to get banned and ending up in this section. Oh wait ... I am here xD Doesn't mean I am banned though, it just means I don't like losing people because of mistakes.
    Trolls and Griefers are not welcomed so I hope THOSE people stay banned and ip banned Razz

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    Re: Were you banned?

    Post  blueice1 on Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:44 pm

    nice job explaining, ima sticky this Very Happy


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