BenIsPro's Introduction



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    BenIsPro's Introduction

    Post  BenIsPro on Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:07 am

    IGN: BenIsPro
    Age: 19
    First name: Ben
    Building specialty: Creativity Razz
    Do I have premium?: No Sad
    Intentions on the server: Building, Interacting with cool new people, and most importantly, have fun!
    Why I want to join: I want to join because after climbing out of my hole, I learnt that minecraft had servers, so I wanted to try one and see Very Happy I mainly want to interact with others since you can't do that in Single Player, and also have fun!

    Hopefully there is a fun, loving and caring community, because I want to be a part of it!


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    Re: BenIsPro's Introduction

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    Megaman Legends, the greatest game you never played.
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