Hello! :3 (EvilHoodieNinja's Introduction)



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    Hello! :3 (EvilHoodieNinja's Introduction)

    Post  EvilHoodieNinja on Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:37 pm

    Hello My name is, Or atless to you people! EvilHoodieNinja. I like long walks on the beach, laughing as i run away from Creepers, and spiders. I LOVE Spiders. I'm Russian, I have two irish brothers, black hair i'm cold i love winter i love dwarfs my favortire songs are.... (Half an hour later.) Yo-yo's are nifty I've slept in graveyards atless five times I- .... Wait what?.... I don't know what a introduction is so.... No.... No... Maybe.... Ok fine like... Fifteen minutes ago i told them what country i lived in stop pressuring me!

    So yeah i'm also really weird. Does this count as a introduction? Ah creeper! (Runs away laughing.)

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    Re: Hello! :3 (EvilHoodieNinja's Introduction)

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