Ban Appeal for user: Mads



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    Ban Appeal for user: Mads

    Post  Mads on Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:12 pm

    I tore down an already griefed house, I apologize!

    The house was my neightbur and was half-greifed and ugly.
    So I tored it down thinking that it would be just laying around if i did'nt ''take the law into my own hands'' (and yes, I kept the items that I got for it)

    But the point was that it were better off gone than half gone.
    And, yes there was wool and other ''valuables'' in there.

    I clearly see a lack off moderators in this server, if there were more less busy MOD's, I could ask them what to do.

    If I get unbanned I can promise that I will never tear down anyone others work, without rebuilding it..

    Witch I also did a few times, I tore down walls when exploring other houses, but then I built em' back up, so that also be what you guys saw and looked at as grief.

    AnywayZ, you can trust me on what I said.

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